A month in the archive – a view from the Ubuntu Server Team

Posted in Uncategorized on June 30th, 2008 by Dave Walker

The release of Intrepid Alpha1 closes a busy month with an archive teeming with merges and other syncs from Debian’s unstable repository. Here are some highlights from the Ubuntu Server Team:

amavisd-new brought to version 2.6.0

The main new feature is DKIM signing and verification. Further integration of DKIM within Ubuntu is being planned for Intrepid. Check out the specification to track progress and help out testing this new feature.

apache2 updated to 2.2.9

There were some bug reports about the worker and event mpm stability under high load. These issues should be fixed now. This new upload includes also a rewrite of the a2{en,dis}{mod,site} utilities used to manage the modules and sites that are enabled: support for wildcards in modules and site names as well as customization via environment variables have been added.

krb5 1.6 synced from Debian

The LDAP plugin for the MIT KDC has been packaged. An LDAP server can now be used to store the KDC database. That opens up interesting options used in combination with openldap syncrepl infrastructure.

libapache2-mod-perl2 and perl 5.10

Version 2.0.4 of libapache2-mod-perl2 brings support for perl 5.10. Just in time now that perl 5.10 is the default version in Intrepid.

libnss-ldap new upstream release

Beside a bug-fix release, the upload came with this interesting note:

An odd, but important, note from your maintainer…
Please look at the libnss-ldapd package, and if it fits your needs,
consider using it – it is much easier on you ldap server, but is still
missing a few items, which may make it still unusable for you.

On a related note, browsing through the openldap cvs shows a new overlay committed at the beginning of June in the slapd-module contrib directory: nssov. This code is based on the libnss-ldapd mentioned above. One of the goal for Intrepid is to package this new work. Your testing skills will be put to great benefits when this new feature lands in the archive.

sybase support in php5 re-enabled

It went away during the move to 5.2.6 – oops… It’s back now.

Stable Release Updates in hardy

openldap has been updated to version 2.4.9 in hardy. This version fixes a number of bugs including syncrepl issues, assertion errors, and segmentation faults found in previous versions of openldap. In a word: more reliable and replication that works well.

postgresql released a new bug-fix-only version: dapper (8.1.13), feisty (8.2.9), gutsy (8.2.9), hardy (8.3.3) and intrepid (8.3.3) have all been updated.