How to improve the Ruby on Rails experience for next Ubuntu release ?

Posted in Uncategorized on July 7th, 2008 by Dave Walker

There have been some discussions during the last two Ubuntu Developer Summits about improving the Ruby on Rails experience in Ubuntu. Thoughts have been collected in a blueprint and preliminary work has been outlined in the RubyOnRailsStack wiki page. The content deals primarily with hosting RoR applications and is based around apache2 configured as a reverse proxy for Mongrel.

A higher level issue is related to deployment workflow. The question is how can Ubuntu be improved to streamline RoR application deployment ? Every system administrator has its own scripts to deploy Rails applications – are there any patterns there ? Could these be integrated into Ubuntu ? How do you manage the development-testing-production cycle of Rails application deployment ?

The Ubuntu Server Team is looking for input of Rails users. Add your feedback to the discussion section on the RubyOnRailsStack page and help us shaping out a rock-solid RoR experience for Intrepid Ibex.