Server Team 20090224 meeting minutes

Posted in Ubuntu Server meeting minutes, Uncategorized on February 25th, 2009 by Dave Walker

Here are the minutes of the meeting. They can also be found online
with the irc logs here.

Postfix and Dovecot integration

ivoks created a wiki page for ideas about improving the mail server task post-jaunty, available at This will be the base of the discussion for future (Karmic Koala) improvements. He reported all known concerns about this integration as being addressed.

Get rid of old libdb versions

ScottK and vorian reported good progress on that project. There is still an issue with ldiskfsprogs dependency on libdb4.4 that needs to be worked out.


soren announced that Eucalyptus recently entered the archive, which gives us a free implementation of EC2 and S3 that you can deploy on your own infrastructure. This is convenient for testing things before pushing them to the real EC2, or if you want to offer computing resources internal in your organization, but policies forbids putting data or code on something as public as EC2. He welcomes alpha testers, however at that point there is no “getting started” pointers yet, as some things need fixing before it’s ready for mass testing.

ClamAV update

ScottK reported imminent release of clamav 0.95. There are still a few issues with libclamav rdepends to iron out.

Open discussion

Two subjects were raised during the open discussion. ivoks mentioned users complaining on our effort on supporting LTS. Bugs get fixed in development releases but are only rarely the object of an LTS SRU. Part of the problem is that bugs in Fix Released state tend to disappear from default launchpad bug views, and that the nomination system doesn’t really result in clear tracking of bugs affecting a given release. This interesting discussion would benefit from being a future meeting agenda point by itself, so that we can also invite some QA members to the discussion.

ACTION: ivoks to add to next week agenda an item about better SRU bugtracking

The second subject was raised by ScottK and is about Landscape integration into MOTD. Is it a good idea for Ubuntu to allow packages to output links to proprietary add-ons ? dendrobates answered that the decision on that matter was outside this meeting realm of control, but that this opinion would be reported up and could make a good UDS discussion. ScottK replied that this, affecting the server product, was in our realm of control and would have preferred this matter to be resolved before Jaunty release.

Agree on next meeting date and time

Next meeting will be on Tuesday, March 3rd at 16:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting.