RFC: -server packges universe demotions and main package promotion

Posted in Uncategorized on December 7th, 2009 by Dave Walker

The Ubuntu Server team would like to get your feedback on whether the packages listed below should be demoted to universe or promoted to main.

Since Lucid is an LTS release the Ubuntu Server team conducted a critical review of the current contents of the server related seeds in order to free some space on the -server CD and to reduce the number of packages we’ll be maintaining for 5 years. Some packages are not necessary, might be abandoned and thus should be demoted to universe. Some packages are brought up in main by recommends while they should just be suggested. Some very useful packages are missing and should be promoted to main.

The list of packages considered is tracked in a wiki page and included below.  You can either edit the wiki page with your comments or reply to this thread.

Proposed universe demotions

  • nis
  • elinks
  • lm-sensors
  • sensord
  • cricket
  • radvd
  • logwatch: logcheck provides the same functionality
  • vlock
  • lilo
  • libxp6
  • redhat-cluster-suite: not properly maintained
  • virt-manager
  • backuppc: bacula is the backup solution in main
  • racoon
  • ipsec-tools
  • siege
  • minicom: cu is tiny and trivial to support, but doesn’t support error correction
  • openssh-blacklist, openssl-blacklist: needs further consideration by cjwatson
  • analog: awstats is also in main – upstream much more active.
  • nut-hal-drivers: see Halsectomy

Proposed main promotions

  • oidentd
  • tdb-tools: for samba cluster
  • ctdb: for samba cluster
  • acl
  • nginx: 6.21 percent market share according to Netcraft
  • kernel-package: remove from -server iso

Proposed Recommends downgrades

  • kernel-package: remove from -server iso (stays in main thanks to platform.lucid/supported-development).