The Ubuntu Server team looks at improving bug report quality with more apport hooks

Posted in Uncategorized on January 18th, 2010 by Dave Walker

The big number of Ubuntu bugs can sometimes be overwhelming. Providing high quality bugs can help in getting the bugs triaged and fixed faster. This is where Apport comes into the game – a tool used to automatically generate crash reports for debugging. Apport can be extended via hooks to provide specific information on a per package basis. For example the Ubuntu Server team added hooks for MySQL during the Karmic release cycle. Relevant logs as well as configuration information are automatically added to every bug reported against the mysql package.

If you have ideas about adding apport hooks for other server related packages let the Ubuntu Server team know. Add it to the wiki page, look up how to write apport hooks and prepare a patch – or better a bzr branch. The Ubuntu Server team will review it and help you integrate your work into the archive.