Server Team 20100414 meeting minutes

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Here are the minutes of the meeting. They can also be found online
with the irc logs here.

Review ACTION points from previous meeting

  • mathiaz to fix a broken script with bug reporting link above (not done)
  • ttx to follow up with ivoks/RoaKSoax on cluster stack state (done, but needs refresh)
  • mathiaz to propose removal of dovecot-postfix on MLs (not done)

[ACTION] mathiaz to fix the “server fixed bugs” broken script

[ACTION] ttx to follow up with ivoks/RoaKSoax on cluster stack state

[ACTION] mathiaz to propose removal of dovecot-postfix on MLs

Lucid release status

FinalFreeze will hit us tomorrow, and then all uploads will need ReleaseTeam approval, so team members are advised to get every fix they can in by the end of the day. Here is the release-critical bugs status:

  • 556343 (zul): mvo will run the test now again and once its finished, upload the syslog file

  • 532733 (kirkland): forwarded upstream, haven’t made much progress on that one, not able to reproduce it easily (outside of the odd apt-get circumstance)

  • 513273 (kirkland): uploaded fix was rejected, needs bug commenters to help do some testing on it against bochs

  • 533029 (zul): pending on FFe

  • 562261: sync approved, needs ArchiveAdmin action

Slow progress in the remaining work items in the specs. Eucalyptus merging and packaging should be complete today today, the others are assumed to still be on track.

Once those higher-priority items are taken care of, you can work on Lucid targets of opportunity. You can find a list of those on the release status page, or go directly to for the complete list. The server team side of the release is appearing to be mostly in good shape, though more testing would not hurt, team members are encouraged to blog/call for that.

Weekly Updates & Questions for the QA Team

hggdh is still working on the issue preventing the UEC test rig to successfully run Topology 2 tests. mathiaz and kirkland will help him debug that. He is slowed down by a kernel issue preventing his KVM to work correctly (needs to try out the latest kernel). The ISO testcases are good since beta2 and should not change until release. hggdh also started to work on the EC2 tests, jump-starting from smoser’s work.

Weekly Updates & Questions for the Kernel Team

jjohansen reported that bug 530361 (support for DELL H200/H700/H800 SAS cards) was fixed in time for KernelFreeze. The remaining big issue is bug 546743, servers with ATI ES1000 cards don’t get anything on console. jjohansen is still investigating options but we are now past KernelFreeze, which reduces our choices. This can be rolled into a new kernel, workarounded in a kernel cmdline set at install-time, or mentioned in the release notes and shipped in a kernel SRU.

Weekly SRU review

zul conducted a quick review that didn’t end up with anything new accepted for SRU. The recently-fixed server bugs query is still broken and cannot be used. Note that zul plans to discuss SRU handling at next UDS.

Open discussion

zul mentioned he has been working on getting mysql-5.0 out of universe, and it should be ready to be removed from universe today. Some team members reported starting to have classic pre-release sleep trouble.

Announce next meeting date and time

Next meeting will be on Wednesday, April 21st at 14:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting.