Server Team meeting minutes 2010-07-06

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Review ACTION points from previous meeting
  • jjohansen to send email regarding atop patchset – DONE
  • mathiaz to provide work items for Alpha3 on his specs by Thursday – DONE
  • SpamapS to ask kees whether it’s good to seed – DONE
    • Kees says ok to seed libmemcached and memcached into main
  • jjohansen to appropriately prioritze bug 576066 – CARRY OVER
    • The kernel team is looking for feedback and needs hardware to test on
  • sommer to ping mdke re: refresh issue, through email this time – CARRY OVER
    • Pinged, but no reply. Consider next steps for the following meeting
  • everyone to assign themselves to 2 papercuts – DONE
    • Last item was assigned during the meeting.
Maverick development (jib)
Alpha3 development is tracked at the Work Item tracker.
All specs should be appropriately targeted & work items defined by Wednesday EOB.
If there are any questions, please ping jib and he’ll help resolve them.
Weekly Updates & Questions for the Kernel Team (jjohansen)
Regarding Bug:597387: Maverick EC2 kernel issue, jjohansen created a new Xen kernel and will be testing it during the week. Once that is stabilized, jjohansen will work on a pv-ops kernel.
The kernel team is still looking for active feedbackon the merit of including the atop kernel patches.
Please chime in if you have feedback to offer!
Weekly SRU review (zul)
Chuck announced the new SRU process on the mailing list last week, which should make it easier to nominate new SRUs and track them:
  1. Bug is fixed in development release.
  2. A weekly email is sent to the Ubuntu Server mailing list on the Monday.
  3. Users will have until Friday to nominate bugs that have been fixed in the development list, by giving a +1 to the bug number and the reason for it.
  4. The nominations will be reviewed and be nominated accordingly based on investigation
This weeks nominations were sent out on MondayPlease nominate those you’d like to see approved by Friday!
You can track the overall process of nominated & approved SRUs in the new SRU Tracker, which is updated nightly.
Weekly Updates & Questions for the Documentation Team (sommer)
Sommer reminds us that if you find a bug in the documentation, you should file it against ubuntu-docs
Open Discussion
SpamapS would like to add a topic for next weeks meeting on improving Rubygems in Ubuntu.
Mathias points him at Bug:403407 for the background on the current state.
Agree on next meeting date and time
Next meeting will be on Tuesday 2010-07-20 at 1800 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting
On behalf of the Ubuntu Server Team,
– Jos Boumans