Ubuntu Server Development – Weekly Dunk – Week 28 (2013)

Posted in Ubuntu Server, Weekly Dunk on July 10th, 2013 by Dave Walker

The Ubuntu Server Team is constantly working on some really exciting areas.  We try to collate the best of open source to deliver a distribution suitable for cloud, scale out and traditional server workloads.  We try to provide agile granite foundations for users to build their workload on.  Most of the work we do is for no cost to the user, maximising value.

On a weekly basis, we hold an IRC meeting, where we discuss blueprints and development, but I do think we could probably do better at sharing some of the great stuff we are doing.

To achieve this, i’m setting a target of trying to give a weekly insight into the highlights of the work that the Ubuntu Server team is doing.  So join me on my mission and prepare for your dunked digest into the giant cup of Server.

Juju is a key Ubuntu Server technology.  it is typically called a service orchestration management tool, rather than a server management tool.  Many of the deliverables of the server team are either built upon Juju, or underpins Juju itself.  In return, Juju underpins greatness.

Juju supports writing a charm in any language (or even compiled binary!), that can be executed or interpreted by the machine.  I believe the most complex charms in the store are the Openstack ones.  Some of the original charms were written in shell/bash, but it has become apparent that a richer higher level such as python can be massively useful.  Therefore, we decided to rewrite some of the earlier charms in python.  The Cinder charm was rewritten by Adam in python and Andres has been on the same for Glance. The real key part of this is that the deployments can have a seamless upgrade, without realising that the underlying charm language has changed.

We’ve also found that many of the charms contain significant overlap, therefore we have been trying to push much of the common code into charm-helpers.  This is vital for any DRhY methodology, which helps with maintainability – but also allowing us to be more effective.  James found that he could rework the Ceph charms to use charm-helper and push some extra features back to charm-helpers.

The velocity of development means that Quality is a constant concern.  The only way we can raise our capacity and have a good level of confidence in what we deliever is to have frequent testing.  To scale this, we’ve been putting significant work into automating areas where we can.  DEP-8 (autopkgtest) is a format for describing test requirements, setup and the actual test case.  Adam implemented DEP-8 package testing into the Openstack packaging, using juju, jenkins and a special internal Openstack deployment we’ve codenamed ServerStack.

Adam also worked on some Ubuntu Cloud Archive tooling to make it easier to submit packages and cleaner package release reporting that make it easier to identify workflow status.

Andres uploaded latest version of MAAS to Saucy. Diogo who is helping to drive quality in the server team worked on resolving some MAAS jenkins test failures under Saucy and setup tarmac (code lander) for juju-gui.

Chuck uploaded new versions of python-keystoneclient, python-ceilometer, python-swiftclient.  In addition he also backported Qemu 1.5.0 to the Ubuntu Cloud Archive, enabling the latest Qemu features on the stable base that 12.04 LTS provides.

Chuck has also been leading the way for python3 compatibility, including some work on making python-novaclient python3 compatible.  He also worked on a bunch of upstream openstack patches.

As part of the hardware enablement stack, 3.10 kernel is being brought back to the 12.04 Precise.  This means that a bunch of these need to be made 3.10 compatible.  James worked on resolving a failure with with iscsitarget, and pushed it upstream.

James uploaded a new snapshot of OpenvSwitch 1.10.1 to Saucy.  working on Nicira NVP support for the OpenStack charms

Robie did some great work on enabling multiple tests (DEP8/autopkgtest) for LXC, which was discussed on the ubuntu-server mailing list.

Scott decided it would be a good idea to hike to the top of Mount Democrat, and whilst doing some cloud-init enablement and simplestreams development.

Serge, who has been pushing LXC developments in Ubuntu built a custom Saucy kernel with Dwight’s xfs userns patchset (final set needed before we can ask kernel team for enablement!) and also investigated signalfd/epoll/sigchld race which was reproducible with LXC.

Yolanda worked on writing a charm to deploy your own Gerrit code review tool, a pretty nasty ipxe assembly rebuild bug (upstream believe it to be a GCC bug!), and solving a bind9 issue.

Oh, and this week Andy Murray also won the tennis championship, Wimbledon – which I for one, attribute his success to Week 28 of Ubuntu Server development.  The most interesting part of this, is that he is the first British man to win who wasn’t wearing full length trousers.  I’ve heard, but it’s yet to be confirmed – that he used juju during his training, but this is yet to be confirmed.

2013-07-09 Ubuntu Server Team Meeting

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Review ACTION points from previous meeting

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Saucy Development

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Ubuntu Server Team Events

The discussion about “Ubuntu Server Team Events” started at 16:29.


Weekly Updates & Questions for the QA Team (plars)

The discussion about “Weekly Updates & Questions for the QA Team (plars)” started at 16:33.


Weekly Updates & Questions for the Kernel Team (smb)

The discussion about “Weekly Updates & Questions for the Kernel Team (smb)” started at 16:35.


Weekly Updates & Questions regarding Ubuntu ARM Server (rbasak)

The discussion about “Weekly Updates & Questions regarding Ubuntu ARM Server (rbasak)” started at 16:36.


Open Discussion

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Announce next meeting date and time

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Vote results


Action items

  • rbasak to land delta report to lp:ubuntu-reports, Daviey to deploy
  • zul has willfully volunteered to review and document what is blocking server related saucy-proposed migration excuses, with joy.


Action items, by person

  • Daviey
    • rbasak to land delta report to lp:ubuntu-reports, Daviey to deploy
  • rbasak
    • rbasak to land delta report to lp:ubuntu-reports, Daviey to deploy
  • zul
    • zul has willfully volunteered to review and document what is blocking server related saucy-proposed migration excuses, with joy.


People present (lines said)

  • Daviey (53)
  • yolanda (37)
  • rbasak (14)
  • jamespage (13)
  • ubottu (8)
  • arosales (6)
  • psivaa (6)
  • zul (5)
  • meetingology (5)
  • smoser (4)
  • doko (3)
  • smb (2)
  • adam_g (2)
  • roaksoax (1)


Full Log

  • 16:00 <yolanda> #startmeeting ubuntu-server-team

    16:00 <meetingology> Meeting started Tue Jul 9 16:00:13 2013 UTC. The chair is yolanda. Information about MeetBot athttp://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.

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    16:00 <Daviey> o/

    16:00 <yolanda> #topic Review ACTION points from previous meeting

    16:00 <yolanda> arosales to carry out post-meeting procedure (minutes, etc) documented at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/KnowledgeBasefor meeting of 25 June

    16:01 <yolanda> any update?

    16:01 <jamespage> o/

    16:02 <roaksoax> o/

    16:02 <yolanda> Daviey to speak to Percona about Saucy inclusion

    16:03 <Daviey> yolanda: 25 June still not done. I’ll work with arosales after this

    16:03 <Daviey> yolanda: I haven’t spoken to percona this week. Will do THIS week

    16:04 <yolanda> ok, let’s leave as pending then

    16:04 <yolanda> any other pending topics?

    16:04 <Daviey> Nope

    16:04 <yolanda> #topic Saucy Development

    16:04 <yolanda> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SaucySalamander/ReleaseSchedule

    16:05 <yolanda> #subtopic Release Bugs

    16:05 <yolanda> Daviey, any update with that?

    16:05 <arosales> sorry, joined a little late

    16:05 <arosales> here now

    16:05 <Daviey> First.. the Release Schedule

    16:05 <Daviey> DebianImportFreeze / Alpha2ish

    16:05 <Daviey> Would be good to be up to date on sync’s and merges for then.

    16:06 <Daviey> rbasak has graciously fixed my delta report

    16:06 <arosales> yolanda, I think rbasak put in a new process that he is carrying forward. I will ensure the wiki has the minutes from my chair’ing for historical reasons

    16:06 <Daviey> http://people.canonical.com/~rbasak/delta.html

    16:06 <rbasak> Note: I haven’t cronned that. I generated it earlier.

    16:06 <Daviey> We should try over this next week to reduce our delta with Debian

    16:07 <yolanda> rbasak, are you doing something automatic?

    16:07 <Daviey> #ACTION rbasak to land delta report to lp:ubuntu-reports, Daviey to deploy 16:07 * meetingology rbasak to land delta report to lp:ubuntu-reports, Daviey to deploy

    16:07 <rbasak> yolanda: I intend to, but I haven’t done it yet.

    16:07 <rbasak> ack

    16:08 <yolanda> i could help a bit with merges and syncs this week also

    16:08 <jamespage> Daviey, +1 to that

    16:09 <Daviey> Shall we look at, http://reqorts.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/rls-mgr/rls-s-tracking-bug-tasks.html#server

    16:09 <Daviey> bug 1124384

    16:09 <ubottu> bug 1124384 in cloud-init (Ubuntu Saucy) “Configuration reload clears event that others jobs may be waiting on” [High,Confirmed]https://launchpad.net/bugs/1124384

    16:09 <Daviey> smoser: Are we expecting a cloud-init upload soon?

    16:09 <smoser> yes.

    16:09 <Daviey> I noticed that Debian is carrying a delta

    16:10 <smoser> that one is fixed in raring ..

    16:10 <smoser> oh?

    16:10 <Daviey> smoser: http://ftp-master.metadata.debian.org/changelogs//main/c/cloud-init/cloud-init_0.7.2-1_changelog

    16:11 <Daviey> Might be worth checking if we can fold anything interesting

    16:11 <Daviey> bug 1196921

    16:11 <ubottu> bug 1196921 in vim (Ubuntu Saucy) “updating packages to lua5.2 in main” [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1196921

    16:11 <smoser> yeah. thanks.

    16:12 <Daviey> rbasak: You had thoguths on transitions such as this. Is it worth just uploading a new rrdtool and see what breaks?

    16:12 <Daviey> (i feel evil suggesting that)

    16:13 <Daviey> adam_g: bug 1183634 ?

    16:13 <ubottu> bug 1183634 in cheetah (Ubuntu Saucy) “cheetah pkg does not depend on markdown, but egg requires.txt does” [High,Triaged]https://launchpad.net/bugs/1183634

    16:13 <rbasak> Sorry poor connection here

    16:13 <adam_g> Daviey, progressing, slowly. security team just started moving on the python-markdown MIR

    16:14 <adam_g> Daviey, should be good once thats done

    16:14 <Daviey> Super!

    16:14 <Daviey> I see they last touched it 20 hours ago.. so making progress

    16:15 <Daviey> bug 1170393, jamespage

    16:15 <ubottu> bug 1170393 in quantum (Ubuntu Saucy) “Quantum services should be respawned by upstart if necessary” [Medium,Triaged]https://launchpad.net/bugs/1170393

    16:15 <jamespage> catching up on openstack this week

    16:16 <rbasak> Daviey: I don’t follow. It looks like we’re up-to-date with Debian on rrdtool?

    16:17 <Daviey> rbasak: No, that isn’t the problem.. there is a lua transition needed, and that package is marked as depending on it

    16:17 <Daviey> Feels very similar to the ruby and mysql issues we had.. Keeps getting deferred, then someone does it blindly.. and that prompts issues to be flushed out.

    16:18 <rbasak> Daviey: oh, so a no change rebuild?

    16:18 <Daviey> rbasak: yah

    16:18 <rbasak> I have less objection to someone blindly doing a no change rebuild, since that shouldn’t introduce any new issues that didn’t already exist

    16:18 <rbasak> If I were doing it I’d test it first though

    16:19 <Daviey> ok

    16:19 <Daviey> zul: Do you know why apache2 is still held?

    16:19 <Daviey> (saucy-proposed)

    16:20 <rbasak> There’s a big pile of breakages it would cause. I looked today – it looks like almost everything is waiting on Debian

    16:20 <zul> Daviey: yeah one packaging is blocking it, its being fixed in debian

    16:20 <Daviey> zul: which package?

    16:20 <rbasak> zul: it looked like many more than one to me

    16:20 <rbasak> http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_output.txt

    16:20 <zul> Daviey: dont remember off the top of my head

    16:21 <rbasak> I counted 62 source packages in there

    16:21 <zul> uwsgi

    16:21 <Daviey> Does someone want to volunteer to get to grips of proposed migration issues this week?

    16:22 <Daviey> I’m seeing more server seed issues on excuses.html than we’d like

    16:22 <Daviey> zul: Fancy it ?

    16:23 <zul> Daviey: sure

    16:23 <zul> Daviey: not really but ill do it

    16:23 <Daviey> #ACTION zul has willfully volunteered to review and document what is blocking server related saucy-proposed migration excuses, with joy. 16:23 * meetingology zul has willfully volunteered to review and document what is blocking server related saucy-proposed migration excuses, with joy.

    16:23 <yolanda> !

    16:24 <yolanda> Daviey, any more bugs to review?

    16:24 <Daviey> bug 1196979 , jamespage – can you summarise ?

    16:24 <ubottu> bug 1196979 in ow-util-ant-tasks (Ubuntu Saucy) “[MIR] libasm4-java (b-d of jarjar)” [Undecided,New]https://launchpad.net/bugs/1196979

    16:24 <jamespage> transition

    16:24 <jamespage> I have it on my list

    16:24 <Daviey> ok, thanks

    16:25 <Daviey> rbasak: bug 1031680 , been a bunch of discussion. Do we have a plan?

    16:25 <ubottu> bug 1031680 in nagios-plugins (Ubuntu Raring) “check_apt always report 0 critical updates” [High,Triaged]https://launchpad.net/bugs/1031680

    16:26 <rbasak> Daviey: I’m happy with the plan xnox described on the ML. It needs someone to actually do it, though.

    16:26 <Daviey> rbasak: ok, thanks.

    16:26 <Daviey> Any more bugs?

    16:26 <Daviey> Blueprints.. Don’t think we need to review them this week.

    16:27 <Daviey> Would like to check on.. juju-core, is there any progress on getting an update into saucy ?

    16:27 <Daviey> jamespage: ^ ?

    16:27 <jamespage> Daviey, I pinged mgz today – 1.1.1 of golang is now in saucy (I jumped the Debian maintainer and pushed a point release in myself)

    16:27 <Daviey> Super!

    16:28 <jamespage> mgz is going to work on that with davecheney ~soon

    16:28 <jamespage> end of this week latest I hope

    16:28 <Daviey> A General note. Please make sure that if you are working on something, anything, it is captured as a WI.

    16:28 <jamespage> ^ that all is

    16:28 <Daviey> There are too many 0% progresses for the cycle and a 100% Info (!)

    16:28 <jamespage> also remember a work item can be a bug linked to a blueprint as well

    16:29 <Daviey> EOF, thanks

    16:29 <yolanda> ok

    16:29 <yolanda> #topic Ubuntu Server Team Events

    16:29 <yolanda> i received emails for OpenStack summit and free registration codes

    16:30 <yolanda> shall we register so soon?

    16:31 <Daviey> yolanda: Yes, do register Smile :)

    16:31 <Daviey> I haven’t done so yet.

    16:31 <yolanda> ok

    16:31 <Daviey> But a bunch of ~ubuntu-server people are going to Openstack Summit in Honk Kong, November.

    16:31 <Daviey> But a little early to declare it

    16:32 <yolanda> any other events?

    16:32 <arosales> OSCON coming up at towards the end of the months

    16:32 <Daviey> None in the short term, i don’t think

    16:32 <arosales> OSCON = ~july 22~

    16:33 <yolanda> #topic Weekly Updates & Questions for the QA Team (plars)

    16:33 <psivaa> I am in for plars for this week

    16:33 <psivaa> Just a couple of bugs affecting the smoke tests, jdstrand and apw were working on them

    16:33 <psivaa> bug #1197484 and bug #1195710

    16:33 <ubottu> bug 1197484 in isc-dhcp (Ubuntu) “Connection requests to saucy server VMs from a precise host fail after fresh VM installs” [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1197484

    16:33 <psivaa> Smile :)

    16:33 <ubottu> bug 1195710 in linux (Ubuntu Saucy) “‘Kernel bug – invalid opcode: 0000 [#1] SMP’ is reported at ‘Preparing linux-image-extra-3.10.0-0-generic’ stage of multi-lvm installations of amd64 saucy server ” [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1195710

    16:33 <smb> The last one being worked on by apw

    16:34 <psivaa> jdstrand said he will look into the first one

    16:34 <yolanda> ok

    16:34 <yolanda> anything else for psivaa?

    16:34 <psivaa> that’s all from us this week

    16:35 <yolanda> #topic Weekly Updates & Questions for the Kernel Team (smb)

    16:35 <smb> Not much from me. Xen-4.3 is in progress and the usual funny bugs.

    16:35 <yolanda> any question for smb?

    16:36 <yolanda> #topic Weekly Updates & Questions regarding Ubuntu ARM Server (rbasak)

    16:36 <rbasak> Nothing new to report. Any questions for me?

    16:36 <doko> jamespage, are you involved with the Debian go policy?

    16:36 <doko> are don’t you care?

    16:36 <Daviey> rbasak: Looking forward to learning what comes out of Connect when you return Smile :)

    16:37 <jamespage> doko, not really but I think i may have to start….

    16:37 <yolanda> #topic Open Discussion

    16:37 <doko> jamespage, cool, lets chat about this next week

    16:37 <yolanda> any other topics to brig?

    16:37 <yolanda> bring?

    16:38 <jamespage> doko, yes – lets do that

    16:38 <yolanda> anything else?

    16:39 <yolanda> ok, so let’s finish

    16:39 <yolanda> #topic Announce next meeting date and time

    16:39 <arosales> thanks for chairing yolanda Smile :-)

    16:39 <yolanda> next meeting will be on 16th of July

    16:39 <yolanda> adam_g will be chairing

    16:39 <jamespage> so long as yolanda gets all the paper work out by then Smile :-)

    16:40 <yolanda> sure Smile :)

    16:40 <yolanda> #endmeeting

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