Server Team 20081021 meeting minutes

Here are the minutes of the meeting. They can also be found online
with the irc logs here.


mathiaz reported he had performed a lot of testing of python-vm-builder. Most of the bugs found have been fixed by nijaba. soren said he was catching up with the commits to the trunk branch and planned to upload a new version before release.

iscsi support for interpid

kirkland looked into fixing existing bugs but it was decided that it was too late in the cycle to try fixing them. Work on iscsi has been deferred to the next cycle.

Iso testing

mathiaz reported that testing for the RC images had started. The ISO testing tracker is used to coordinate testing results. There are now 14 test cases listed for the 2 -server isos. Help is welcome.

mathiaz reported that his raid install test cases were failing. He asked for help in doing manual raid installation testing. sommer and kirkland offered to look into the issue.

ubuntu-server-devel channel

nijaba brought up the subject of creating a new ubuntu-server-devel channel. The identified problem was that ignoring user support requests while developers were discussing other issues in the channel seemed rude to the end users. After some discussion it turned out that creating an ubuntu-server-devel channel would not solve the problem.

UDS topics

mathiaz announced that ideas for the next UDS should be added to the IdeaPool wiki page of the Server Team so that they could be taken into account when the list of topics for the next UDS would be prepared.

Replacing Frozen Bubble in Jaunty

During the Open Discussion zul stated that he was planning on packaging blub blub as a replacement for the popular Frozen Bubble program. That lead to strong opposition from other meeting attendees: kirkland stated that it better be *damn* good, if it’s to replace FB while nijaba raised some concerns about the blub license not being GPL friendly. The atmosphere was on the brink of war as kirkland was drawing his slingshot back while nijaba was loading mentos. mathiaz suggested that a full day of UDS should be dedicated to this hot topic. The situation went back under control when zul reconsidered his position.

Agree on next meeting date and time

Next meeting will be on Tuesday, October 29th at 15:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting.

4 Responses to “Server Team 20081021 meeting minutes”

  1. Jonathan Carter Says:

    Heh, good to see that the Ubuntu server team has such a good sense of humour.

    (the FB part better be a joke… or else…)

  2. Yann Says:

    Too bad, I really like blub blub.. While FB is nice, it has been rumoured that there were rumours about some of its graphics being non GPL compatible. I’ll get some Mentos for next UDS if I am to come…

    Good job on the python-vm-builder though 🙂 what dependencies does it have? Would be happy running it on hardy…

  3. Irgendeiner Says:

    It _is_ a shame that the standard testing procedures for server ISO’s do not also specify scenarios appropriate for server:

    a) Whole disk Raid-1 without LVM
    b) Whole disk Raid-1 with LVM
    c) Whole disk Raid-1 with crypted root, without LVM
    d) Whole disk Raid-1 with crypted root, with LVM
    e) Disk with existing partitions and above.

    And yes, such tests must be done on real disks, not only virtual.

  4. Andrew McGilvray Says:

    Where can we find more info on blub blub? Google cannot seem to help…

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