The Ubuntu Server Team turned one !

Well… Not really actually ;). The Ubuntu Server Team was one of the very first team of the Ubuntu project – founded on 2005-11-08 according to Launchpad. However it hadn’t been very active until a year ago when Canonical decided to hire developers to nurture the Ubuntu Server product.

Here I am – Mathias Gug, the first member of the Ubuntu Server team within Canonical. My first contact with the Ubuntu Development team was at UDS Sevilla last year. Since then I’ve seen the Server Team growing both within Canonical and in the Ubuntu community.

By the time Gutsy was released the Server Team had grown to six members on the Canonical side. The ubuntu-server team in Launchpad had doubled its size and we were holding IRC meetings twice a month. UDS Boston saw the first track entirely dedicated to Ubuntu Server. It was also the first time that the most active members of the Ubuntu Server community met face-to-face and spend a whole week discussing what we wanted to do for the next LTS release.

On the way to Hardy Heron two new developers joined Canonical’s Server team and the Launchpad team doubled its size – again. Things got busier and the IRC meeting was moved to a weekly schedule in order to keep up with all the activity that was happening in the Ubuntu Server world.

Once Ubuntu 8.04 LTS was released for public consumption, we all headed to Prague for the Intrepid Ibex UDS. On the first day the Ubuntu Server track was so packed that we had to tear down a wall in order to expand the Ubuntu Server room and give us enough space to discuss ideas and plan for the next Ubuntu release.

The Ubuntu Server community is growing. Ideas are bubbling. New features are implemented. The Ubuntu Server Blog is here to highlight all the great work done by Ubuntu Server members. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride to the Intrepid Ibex and beyond !

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