Server Team 20090915 meeting minutes

Here are the minutes of the meeting. They can also be found online
with the irc logs here.

Review ACTION points from previous meeting

  • smoser to tag existing UEC image bugs with “uec-images”: Done
  • soren to ensure that smoser can update the UEC publishing scripts: Done
  • smoser to add MD5SUMs for UEC images: Done
  • soren to add manifest files for UEC images: Code landed in VMBuilder, will be added to build system today

ACTION: soren to add manifest files to UEC images build system for alpha6

  • smoser to open dialog with IS about automated publishing to EC2 and agree on a plan: Done, ticket 35660
  • soren to automate updating of ec2-version-query: Blocked on automated publishing

On that subject, nijaba mentioned it would probably be good to have a human-readable equivalent page updated at the same time. This should be discussed on ML and/or as a future meeting egenda item.

  • soren to publish ec2-version-query in a more appropriate place: soren needs to get back to slangasek on that.
  • smoser to add ec2-images tag to the relevant bugs: Done
  • nijaba to fold #ubuntu-ec2 and #ubuntu-cloud into #ubuntu-server: Done
  • soren to triage all eucalyptus bugs, and use the ‘eucalyptus’ tag for bugs which should be escalated to the eucalyptus team: Was done, but now needs a refresh
  • kirkland to build a proof of concept alfresco appliance: This was retargeted, see below.
  • mathiaz to get niemeyer’s proxy code packaged: Done, MIR ready.
  • zul to ensure rabbitmq-server gets reviewed and promoted: Still waiting on MIR team, zul will ping them again today.
  • mathiaz to upload openldap 2.4.18: Done
  • kirkland to speak with marjo about how to get qemu-kvm tested prior to release (and more generally server applications like it): Done, will hold a bugday in 2 weeks
  • mathiaz to get a server dev team set up in LP and work with TB to get it set up for archive reorg: This is believed not to be needed for now. However mathiaz will have a look at the package sets again.
  • ttx to update server team Roadmap to reflect current projects: Done
  • Daviey to call for testing of Asterisk 1.6: Done

On that subject, Daviey mentioned the opportunity to update to RC1 (we are using 1.6beta4 now and are expected to move to 1.6 release in the end). ttx advised to release early and often, especially since RC1 is a bugfix-only update from beta4.

ACTION: Daviey to update Asterisk 1.6 to RC1

For reference, here is the list of ACTIONs from last meeting still in progress:

ACTION: soren to automate updating of ec2-version-query

ACTION: soren to publish ec2-version-query in a more appropriate place

ACTION: zul to ensure rabbitmq-server gets reviewed and promoted

Alpha6 remaining actions

The alpha6-milestoned buglist is empty of server-related items, so the question was up if any alpha6 targets were missing from the list. Bug 413789 was mentioned, but retargeted to 9.10-beta, pending help from mvo on resolution.

Some release process improvements were also targeted for alpha6, here is the status on them:

  • Add signed MD5SUMS (slangasek): slangasek has now access to nectarine and proceeded on adding that.
  • Add manifest file for each image (soren): 87% done, see ACTION above
  • Automate publishing of AMIs to EC2 (smoser): Deferred to beta release
  • Automate updating ec2-version-query (soren): Blocked on automatic publication, so deferred
  • Publish ec2-version-query in a more appropriate place (soren): needs more discussion with slangasek
  • Ensure inclusion of relevant news in release notes (erichammond): Blocked on manifest generation

Roadmap review: UEC/EC2 images bugs

smoser compiled a detailed status at ttx asked about bug 420581 which is targeted for alpha6: it needs soren to pull the patch, review it, sponsor it, and then update his vmbuilder on nectarine, which should be completed for today.

ACTION: soren to sponsor the patch for bug 420581 and update his vmbuilder on nectarine

smoser reported last week release of ami-a40fefcd and ami-3fb25256 to ubuntu-ec2, ubuntu-cloud last week. This is the first image we’ve published with karmic kernel by default. We’ve got fairly good feedback, the only real issue raised is on bug 428692. smoser is also working with jono, jorge and ara to get a community test plan together. ttx asked about bug 418130, which should be targeted for alpha6 since we are to release it with a Karmic kernel, and smoser retargeted it. erichammond asked whether kernel modules and a “loop” fix were going into Alpha6. smoser answered that those are 9.10-beta targets, though the kernel modules fix might make it into alpha6.

Roadmap review: Packaging and integration of Eucalyptus 1.6

As already mentioned, the list needs a refresh. No other comments from the crowd.

Roadmap review: Virtual appliance

niemeyer was not present to the meeting, but the image-store-proxy is currently blocked on the image-store-proxy MIR. During the ACTION review, kirkland mentioned a change in reference appliance. Alfresco was abandoned due to its dependency on sun-jdk, partner-only packaging and lack of community testing. The current target is Moodle, which is in main, all open source and has a nice first-time setup via a web front end. A proof of concept image was produced at (260Mb). One remaining issue is the need to dpkg-reconfigure on first login, forcing the user to make a few selections. Most of them can have sane defaults, but FQDN probably can’t. Various possible workarounds were suggested, but none of them stood out as appropriate. This should be further discussed off-meeting.

ACTION: kirkland to open discussion on how to best solve the remaining configuration options on Moodle appliance

The appliance as generated now cannot be run in UEC (qcow2 format), nor would it be able to show up in the Eucalyptus Image Store.

ACTION: kirkland to get help from soren and smoser on proper UEC-compatible image generation

ACTION: kirkland to discuss with niemeyer and nurmi about ImageStore integration testing

Roadmap review: Other specs

On the Cluster stack front, ivoks reported everything for pacemaker as done and in karmic, ready for shipping. On the other hand, RHCS needs one more update (bug 429834). Looking at the extent of the update, this certainly requires a FeatureFreeze exception.

ACTION: ivoks to file FFe for the redhat-cluster update

With upload of OpenLDAP 2.4.18, the directory-enabled-user-login spec is feature-complete. It now needs testing.

Assigned and to-be-assigned bugs

The buglist at doesn’t show any bug needing to be reassigned. ttx wanted some feedback on proposed solution for bug 425928, and got a general agreement on that.

Weekly SRU review

The proposed bugs lists were reviewed and appropriate nominations were accepted. The list of accepted bugs with an assignee was also reviewed and updated.

Agree on next meeting date and time

Next meeting will be on Tuesday, September 22nd at 15:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting.

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