Server Team 20090929 meeting minutes

Here are the minutes of the meeting. They can also be found online
with the irc logs here.

Virtual appliance

kirkland mentioned he moved away from a moodle to a gobby server appliance. He also added that we needed to figure out how to make appliances out of packages that had critical debconf questions. It’s a generic problem and requires admin input on package installation. For the appliance to be useful all configuration should be web driven after instantiation. He asked whether the debconf web frontend could be used for that. cjwatson acknowledged that there was one although it wasn’t very good.

niemeyer reported that the proxy was in a pretty good state now. Work on the server side is required and he is waiting on the server infrastructure for this. He also noted that the server side can be faked with for testing purposes.

ACTION: niemeyer to send mathiaz and nurmi a mail with details on how to test the image-store-proxy integration with

Asterisk stack

Daviey reported that Asterisk 1.6rc2 had been uploaded to karmic.


smoser reported that vmbuilder used the seeds to build the list of packages to include in the UEC images. mdz asked that vmbuilder’s version be included in the manifest. This turns out to be less straightforward as vmbuilder trunk branch is currently used to build images.

Automate image publishing and ec2-version-query refresh

smoser reported that the image publication process was somehow automated. He started to write some scripts. The goal is moving towards being ready to work right away on image publication automation as soon as we get some access to amazon from data center.

ACTION: ttx and smoser to review the automation of the image publication process.

Roadmap review / Eucalyptus

kirkland put a huge effort into triaging eucalyptus bugs – the list is usable again.

ttx mentioned that the Eucalyptus help page was outdated especially in the Installer integration section. He asked for help on refreshing the content based on the test cases. alexm offered to review the doc while Daviey will try to update parts of it.

ACTION: kirkland to fix bug 438747, maybe bug 438602, package and push a respin with that package in

Roadmap review / UEC – EC2 bugs

smoser reported that all bugs targeted to beta with ec2-images or uec-images in a tag were fixed as far as he knew.

zul mentioned that amazon had released a new version of ec2-api-tools which added better ebs and vpn support. ttz suggested it was probably too late for the karmic release cycle. zul could just make them available in a ppa and upload it for lucid.

ACTION: smoser to open bugs to cover kernel/ramdisk GPL reqs and renaming

ACTION: ttx to test UEC images + UEC kernel/ramdisk on karmic UEC

Assigned and to-be-assigned bugs

ACTION: ttx to see if some bugs assigned to soren need urgent reassignment

Weekly SRU review

mathiaz conducted the weekly SRU review and relevant bugs have been accepted. He also reminded that the updated SRU workflow in the Ubuntu Server team was using package branches to prepare SRU. sbeattie mentioned he was interested in participating at the review stage making sure that both the package changes (via a merge proposal) as well as the SRU report were in good shape before the upload to the archive.

2009 Server survey status and call for action

nijaba announced he had updated the 2009 Server survey. A test server is available for reviewing the updated questions. Bugs should be filed in LP against the server-survey project.

Agree on next meeting date and time

soren started a discussion on the ubuntu-server mailing list about a new time and date for the meeting. Daviey suggested to use doodle to conduct a poll.

ACTION: Daviey to setup a doodle poll and send the url to the ubuntu-server@ mailing list.

Next meeting will be on Tuesday, October 6th at 15:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting.

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