Server Team 20091006 meeting minutes

Here are the minutes of the meeting. They can also be found online
with the irc logs here.

Review ACTION points from previous meeting

  • niemeyer to send mathiaz and nurmi a mail with details on how to test the image-store-proxy integration with Done, though not tested yet
  • ttx and smoser to review the automation of the image publication process: Done. Some automation steps are still in progress, should be completed by RC
  • smoser to open bugs to cover kernel/ramdisk GPL reqs and renaming: Done, bugs 444598 and 444605
  • ttx to test UEC images + UEC kernel/ramdisk on karmic UEC: Done for beta release
  • ttx to see if some bugs assigned to soren need urgent reassignment: Done but needs some update now
  • Daviey to setup a doodle poll and send the url to the ubuntu-server@ mailing list: Done, but suboptimal

Beta release postmortem

ttx reported that beta release went relatively ok, the main issue was lack of UEC testing capability, which made it difficult to confirm the bugs that were found. mdz pointed at a blind spot in testing with regard to the UEC kernel and initramfs, which might require some adjustments on the test plan. Further UEC feature testing should now use the UEC beta image, together with published kernel and ramdisk. The need for at least two complete UEC testing setups in different timezones was mentioned. mathiaz should investigate the possibility of using some hardware from the certification labs. A reference Canonical UEC setup running on 1.6 should be the right place to validate UEC images.

ACTION: ttx to review test plans and ensure they are aligned with 9.10

ACTION: kirkland to confirm that his test rig is fully operational

RC preparation

Status on a few actions:

  • Automate publishing of AMIs to EC2 [smoser]: in progress
  • Publish ec2-version-query in a more appropriate place, automation [soren]: now in smoser hands
  • mathiaz to set up OpenLDAP/sssd test infra on EC2: in progress
  • mathiaz to get help from Michael Vogt on bug 194140: mvo will look at it tomorrow
  • kirkland to adapt VM recipe(s?) to use libvirt: still todo, planned an OpenWeek session about it

ACTION: kirkland to adapt VM recipe(s?) to use libvirt

With FinalFreeze coming up on October 15th, we need to quickly identify missing release-critical issues and regressions in server packages. mdz stressed again the importance of using the regression-potential tag in that process, see for more details. kirkland mentioned libvirt as one package requiring a complete triage effort, quickly organizing a bug day on that package could help. For other packages, zul and mathiaz will be coordinating the effort of sweeping through the bug lists: mathiaz will look at Confirmed/Triaged bugs, while zul will look after New/Undecided ones. Other team members should help in that effort, especially for the packages that they usually take care of. A server bug day should be organized to provide a framework for community participation.

ACTION: mathiaz to work with the QA team on a server bug day for Karmic

ACTION: mdz to follow up with marjo regarding general QA support in Karmic

Parallel to that effort is the need to stay on top of new bugs filed during Beta testing, to quickly identify the potential show-stoppers. A process has been defined to at least set the importance of NEW bugs, and a team member was assigned to each day (to take care of the bugs filed during the day before). The backlog should be taken care of progressively.

Eucalyptus status

kirkland uploaded a new eucalyptus yesterday, merge of an upstream bugfix revision that closes ~12 bugs. ttx tested it, autoregistration still needs another pass as it seems to work by accident in that version (bugs 443325,444504), and a deadlock bug still needs some investigation (444352). kirkland holds a UEC-hardening mini-sprint with mathiaz and nurmi in Austin this week, where bug 432154 and 436977 should be discussed.

UEC/EC2 images

Reviewing the UEC image bug list: smoser will target to release appropriately (bugs 444605 444598 440757), and will take some time to setup a UEC image testing environment. zul should make sure the last MIR gets completed, by fixing the testsuite.

ACTION: smoser to follow up with mdz regarding UEC image testing capability

ACTION: zul to fix m2crypto test suite and ensure that MIR is processed

Reviewing the EC2 images buglist: jjohansen has put up some kernels with tweaked configs (bug 428692). Note that it is possible to test UEC images in plain KVM by passing kernel parameter ec2init=0. ttx and kirkland will dedicate some of their UEC testing time testing the candidate UEC images on smoser’s request.

Virtual appliance

The final design questions around the reference appliance need to be resolved ASAP.

ACTION: soren/niemeyer to arrange a meeting to discuss reference appliance plan of action

On the imagestore proxy side, niemeyer will provide mathiaz with an updated version with a couple of very minor changes today. Testing instructions are in mathiaz’s hands, and need to be documented in a test plan, that the happy few with a UEC setup can help test.

ACTION: mathiaz to document test plan for image store

Assigned bugs

mdz pointed to importance-Undecided bugs on the list, mostly assigned to zul, that need to be cleared. The highest importance triaged bugs on that list are the vmbuilder ones, assigned to soren, which should dedicate some time to vmbuilder tomorrow.

ACTION: zul to triage his assigned bugs

Agree on next meeting date and time

Discussion over a better time for the team meeting should be held on the mailing-list. Everyone should answer there.

Next meeting will be on Tuesday, October 13th at 15:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting.

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