Ubuntu Server papercuts project

At UDS Lucid in Dallas the Ubuntu Server team had a session on how to take the opportunity of the LTS release to concentrate on fixing highly-annoying, low-hanging fruit bugs. This effort lead by Thierry Carrez was named Server papercuts as a tribute to the famous One hundred papercuts project from the Desktop experience team.

The idea is to spend time during this less-featureful development cycle to fix server usability issues to make Ubuntu Server even more sysadmin-friendly. The first part of this work involves identifying such issues, and for that we need the help of the Ubuntu Server user community, which experiences those issues every day. The second part is about fixing these Server papercuts. This is a great way to start being involved in bug fixing and Ubuntu development since these low hanging fruit should all be relatively easy-to-fix bugs.

How can I help?

If you come a across a bug in a server related package that looks like a good candidate, open a task against the server papercut project. The Ubuntu Server team will then review the different nomination and accept bugs that can be considered as low-hanging fruits.

If you have a patch to fix a bug, grab it and attach it to the bug. Or better, prepare a bzr branch and submit a merge proposal: the Ubuntu Server team will review it and guide you in the process of making your fix available in the archive.

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