Ubuntu Server update for Lucid Alpha3

Last week the Lucid Alpha3 development phase started. So in following our Alpha2 announcement below is what’s on the horizon for Alpha3. Some of these are new blueprints for Alpha3 some are continued work from Alpha2.

Alpha3 Projects

Since the upcoming release is an LTS, a lot of this cycles work is centered around stability. Currently, we’re broadly targeting the following 3 areas:

Software integration
Improving our UEC & EC2 experience
QA & testing

There are also a few community driven specs which are targeted for the Lucid release:

The full list of blueprints related to these targets and our progress can be found on the server team wiki or on our work item tracker.

Feedback & Involvement

If you have any suggestions for AWS libraries in PHP/Perl/Python or are interested in packaging/contributing a library in another language, please let us know in the RFC thread

To make the most of our Server Papercuts project, please participate in the email discussion and nominate papercuts and/or volunteer to fix them!

To help us track down bugs and crashes better, we’re adding apport hooks to several key pieces of software. If you’d like to implement any of those hooks or contribute your own, please let us know in
the blueprint.

The Ubuntu Cluster Stack spec has issued a call for testing and would love to hear about your experiences.

2 Responses to “Ubuntu Server update for Lucid Alpha3”

  1. kvz Says:

    Please don’t forget to include php53 in lucid. Maybe side-by-side with with php52, and have php -> meta -> php52
    So people’s site will continue to run on lucid if they don’t explicitly install the php53 package.

  2. Kyle Says:

    @kvz. Ditto that. PHP 5.3 is a must for me too.

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