Server Team 20100210 meeting minutes

Here are the minutes of the meeting. They can also be found online
with the irc logs here.

Review ACTION points from previous meeting (jib)

  • ACTION: ttx to announce papercuts nominations
    • ttx: done
  • ACTION: zul to do another call to action for the apport hooks involvement
    • zul: will do today
  • ACTION: zul to raise php5.3 update on -server and -devel mailinglist, outline which apps are currently not working with 5.3
    • zul: done

Alpha3 progress review (ttx)

  • Make sure status is updated on each of your blueprint whiteboards EOD on Tuesdays !
  • Prio 1 specs < 70% completed: uec-testing, mysql-5.0, seeds

    • uec-testing (mathiaz)
      • kirkland: testing iso’s today
      • mathiaz: good shape
    • mysql-5.0 (zul)
      • zul: upload today
    • [ACTION] zul to forward issues about ctbd to jelmer to see if those can be lifted before FF
    • [ACTION] zul to do another call to action for the apport hooks involvement
    • Discussion on RHCS, whether to keep in main, move to universe; mailing list thread should reach a conclusion soon
    • daily-vcs (zul)
      • zul: been working on higher priority specs
    • puppet-etckeeper-integration (mathiaz, soren)
      • soren, mathiaz: should merge from debian unstable, not in danger
  • Prio 2 specs < 50% completed: daily-vcs, puppet-etckeeper-integration, puppet-uec-ec2-integration

server-lucid-papercuts (ttx)


server-lucid-apport-hooks update (zul)


  • zul: all prior 1 are done except for openssh its pending a review with cjwatson
  • ttx: As a general reminder, apport hooks are easy, and a great way of contributing your first patches/branches to Ubuntu

Weekly Updates & Questions for the QA Team (soren)

  • smoser: new guy starts: 15th (which is a US holiday) so 16th
  • soren: handed over automatic ISO testing stuff to the QA team. It’ll be running in the DC soon.

Weekly Updates & Questions for the Kernel Team (jjohansen)

  • jjohansen: new EC2 kernel is checked in, has the latest updates, and updated configs

Weekly SRU review (mathiaz)

  • [ACTION] kirkland to propose a karmic fix for bug 503180 in PPA
    • kirkland: to upload karmic eucalyptus iptables fix for SRU, PPA first, then -proposed
      • done
  • Launchpad bug 364581 in mod-auth-mysql “Crash when logging in” [Low,Fix released]

    • mathiaz: accepting

Open Discussion

  • kirkland: tftpd-hpa in lucid sucks
    • stgraber: I’m still not sure about what to do here but I’m very tempted to restore the old behavior
      • done
  • ttx: Ubuntu bug 508382 in bacula “bconsole does not connect to bacula-director” [Medium,Confirmed]

Agree on next meeting date and time

  • ttx: That will be again same place same time, for at least one more week

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