Server team 20100525 meeting minutes

Apologies for this delayed post, I had some confusion in setting up my access to the blog. -clint

Here are the minutes of the meeting. They can also be found online with
the irc logs here:

==== Review ACTION points from previous meeting (ttx) ====

* ttx to confirm spec submission deadlines with Jos: DONE
* ttx to walk SpamapS through the spec proces: DONE

==== Maverick Alpha2 subcycle and specs ====

* specs need to be set to review by EOB May 26 (Extends deadline by 1
* design mandatory, implementation (work items) should have a full
rough plan, user stories can be filled in later.

==== Weekly Updates & Questions for the QA Team (hggdh) ====

* zul needs help getting back ability to nominate bugs for lucid
* QA workflow spec to remain as server team's responsibility

==== Weekly Updates & Questions for the Kernel Team (jjohansen) ====

* status update on ec2/uec kernel upgrades
* built many, none have booted, will check vmlinuz stripping/xen
settings (jjohansen)
* CEPH will be enabled in next upload to maverick

==== Weekly status for Server documentation (sommer) ====

* Server guide for lucid had a broken PDF, fix committed and awaiting
upload to "h.u.c" (sommer)
* documentation specs to be moved under Ubuntu launchpad project to
allow usage of work items tracker (sommer)
* [ACTION] sommer to try to move server doc spec to Ubuntu specs

==== Maverick Papercuts: Start of the alpha-2 round (ttx) ====

* All should blog/announce papercuts (ttx)
* Minor features / wishlist are included because not LTS cycle (ttx)
* nominate by marking bugs as affecting 'server-papercuts' project
* nominations will be reviewed next week, sub cycle begins Jun 2nd,
ends week before Alpha2 release

==== Weekly SRU review:
(mathiaz) ====

* Two bugs nominated, 567179 & 583542, to be declined pending more
* New SRU review process spec revealed with shiny pictures

==== Open Discussion ====

* EC2 AMI-API tools in multiverse are out of date whenever amazon adds
* PPA vs. backports discussion results in PPA *and* backports upload
as way to get latest tools to users.

==== Announce next meeting date and time ====

* Next meeting will be Tue, Jun 1 18:00 UTC 2010

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