Server Team 20100615 meeting minutes

Here are the minutes of the meeting. They can also be found online
with the irc logs here.

Review ACTION points from last meeting

* ttx to coordinate testing for Alpha 2 – carry over * smoser to train someone on the release team on the cloud image release – carry over

Maverick development (jib)

Most specs should be around 50% completion right now. If you’re off that mark, you may want to review work items and see if any can be postponed or dropped, or ask for some support some are well ahead of that curve so we should have some slack in that area.

ttx confirmed we are going reasonably well, adding that the UEC specs are slightly late but we’ve been addressing that.

mathiaz has been experimenting with a new format/template for the status section of BP and stated that we should be seeing the output of this in the coming days.

ttx noted that: * UEC testing was rescoped to concentrate on fixing the current issues to get to a stable situation, and engage in training new people. * qa workflow was moved to A3 to give priority to uec-testing. * cloud-init was trimmed down to move prio-3 things as targets of opportunity * cloud-utils first work items were reassigned to clint * uec-ec2-kernel-updates work items were clarified

ttx feels that everyone now has a stable and clear view on what’s expected from everyone and that if someone thinks he cannot make it, please raise the red flag !

Feature Definition Freeze this week (ttx)

ttx drew attention to and stated it gives a clear commonly shared view on what’s expected.

ttx reminded that Final Definition Freeze is this week, and warned the need to freeze the design on all specs that affect main packages and present those to the release team .

Weekly Updates & Questions for the QA Team (hggdh)

(ttx checks that the awesome Daviey is scribe)

hggdh shares that he has been testing the metadata issue fix, and preparing to get to Lexington next week for a sprint. He notes that the current fix seems to be insufficient, and is still producing issues.

hggdh confirms that the latest lucid SRU for eucalyptus has been moved from -proposed to -updates.

Weekly Updates & Questions for the Kernel Team (jjohansen)

jjohansen shares the pv-ops kernel for EC2 hasn’t been working out so we are shelving it for at least alpha2 and will update the Xen patches, and comments that zul seems to want to volunteer to work on it. zul clarifies that he wasn’t.

jjohansen confirms the kernel has some known performance regressions, that will probably be in alpha2, freeing time to work on some Amazon EC2 issues, and the performance issues are known upstream and a fix should be in a later RC release.

jjohansen states the kernel team has would like to know some more about Bug #588861. The awesome Daviey confirms that triaging has been somewhat blocked at the moment, as it seems there are other foundation related issues stopping us from even getting as far as that to reproduce the issue. Since, the latest kernel, we haven’t had an enviroment where we can reproduce that. Therefore, i’ve been unable to provide further information OR confirm if the issue is still ongoing in the latest kernel. jjohansen confirms we know its kernel related, and not an update to something else. jjohansen requests that he is kept posted and will recommend adding it to the top 50 bugs for the kernel team.

[ACTION] jjohansen to review atop patchset for Alpha3 planning purposes [ACTION] Daviey to update #588861, if needed against alpha1

Weekly Updates & Questions for the Documentation Team (sommer)

sommer confirms he added some items to the blueprint: , but feels he will need the most help with is the UEC section. kirkland points at Daviey, who tries to point it back to kirkland.

sommer mentions he’ll request help on the clustering section from RoAkSoAx / ivoks, and that he has some updates from ttx regarding tomcat.

Priase is given to sommer for his awesome work. Hugs also seem to be unanimous to Bryce for unclutterring the launchpad whiteboard.

Papercuts Alpha2 subcycle status (ttx)

ttx shares , and notes that all are assigned and 65% are already fixed, and that there are a shortage of nominations for the next cycle.

New SRU Tracker (zul)

zul introduces that at maverick uds we agreed to change the way we do nominations for SRU. we are taking it to the ubuntu-server list to get more feedback, the email will be starting shortly after some introduction. States that we are also monitoring the status of the SRU nominated bugs (work in progress) at

zul explains that it is a cron job that sucks in launchpad into a sql database and displays the results. Only running daily, the information might be out of date sometimes.

[ACTION] zul to move the sru tracker code to it’s own project

Open Discussion

(Nothing to discuss)

Agree on next meeting date and time

Next meeting will be on Tuesday, 22nd June at 1800 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting.

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