Ubuntu Server Team 20080528 meeting minutes

IRC logs of the meeting can be found here.

Ubuntu virtualization meta package

kirkland uploaded to his PPA a set of packages that help getting started with kvm virtualization. The next step is to get them into the intrepid repository. mathiaz pointed kirkland at the NewPackages process.

Specification writing

dendrobates stated that people who had chaired a session during UDS had to write the corresponding spec now. The deadline for spec writing is Thursday, June the 5th. Specs targeted for Intrepid will be added to the Server Team Roadmap and be reviewed during the Server Team meetings.

dendrobates also asked to check if there was already an existing blueprint registered in launchpad that could be re-used before registering a new one. If so he can update the blueprint information (such as drafter, approver, etc…).

Discussion on current status of J2EESupport option

Koon is working on the J2EESupport spec. He has listed all the available options and has started to look into Tomcat and Geronimo. These products have a modular approach where plugins can be installed to add additional components of the J2EE stack. dendrobates said that modularity in packaging is desirable.

Koon raised the question of maven, as it cannot be used to build a package the debian way: it downloads at build time all the build deps, dozens of jars from everywhere. That would require a lot more packaging work than packaging geronimo itself.

Koon will keep working on the matrix and hope to have it complete by Friday.

Front end for ubuntu-vm-builder

kirkland created a simple frontend for generating the verbose arguments ubuntu-vm-builder accepts. It’s javascript, so it runs in your local browser, no posting of passwords and machine configurations over the net.

There was some discussion about rewriting the page using ActiveX – it didn’t get far due to a lack of interest in this technology.

Status of the Ubuntu Server Survey

nijaba reported that upstream fixed security issues raised by kees’ audit of the web application. The next step is a second audit so that limesurvey can be hosted on the Ubuntu infrastructure. kees said he may be able to audit the new version by Tuesday.

owh added that he joined the ubuntu-marketing team. He is looking at ways to collaborate between the two teams. The Ubuntu Server Team survey could be the first item of cooperation. A potential date for the launch hasn’t been agreed upon.

8.04.1 LTS release

zul has been tracking bugs and uploading fixes to hardy-proposed. He asked for more testing.

Darwin Calendar Server

owh pointed out that Darwin Calendar Server is available in the intrepid repository.

Agree on next meeting date and time

There was some discussion about moving the meeting time. mathiaz will send an email to the ubuntu-server mailing list with a new proposal.

Next meeting will be on Wednesday, June 4th at 21:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting.

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